Marma therapy is the most ancient and most rejuvenating of all Ayurvedic bodywork.  A therapeutic marma session gives a profound boost to the major organs of the body that support one`s optimal functioning on all levels.  Marma points are the juncture between consciousness and matter.   Marma therapy is simultaneously detoxifying as it is able to restore the proper flow of life-force energy(prana) via the Nadi's(channels or rivers of energy).  By stimulating the vital marma points on the surface of the body (with a light touch, or essential oil) we can remove energetic blockages, settle the nervous system and rejuvenate and energize the major organs and systems of the body, thereby helping to remove any energetic blockages caused by stress, trauma, environmental toxins, etc.  Doing so enhances the ability of the body to heal. *Marma is an excellent treatment for emotional and mental balance.

  •  60 minutes
  • $108

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