Soul Focused Marma takes Ayurvedic Energetic Therapy to a whole new level.  Personally developed by Heather Ayers, this treatment utilizes the bio-physiological energy alignment properties of Marma and combines those with the bioenergetic mastery of the chakras, glands and organs provided by Soul Focused Healing.  This treatment is considered by some to be the highest form of the Ayurvedic Healing Arts.

"I've had the great blessing of receiving treatments over the past twenty years from what I would consider to be master healers.  Through my experience in a Soul Focused Marma healing session with Heather, I  have a much greater understanding of what qualifies one to be what I consider to be a master healer.  And this understanding is that true Master Healers consider the opportunity to share their healing gifts as a privilege and an honor.  They know deep down that they are a vessel for The Divine. This is Heather and the Soul Focused Marma session I had with her was beyond profound."
Arya Heath
  •  90 minutes
  • $180

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