Heavenly Energetics represents a full spectrum expression of love, knowledge, and expertise in bodywork on both the subtle and physical levels.

I believe the practical knowledge of Ayurveda (Natures Science of Life) supports the optimal expression of who we truly are that deepens an understanding of our selves.  

My treatments range from the ancient and time-tested knowledge and practical application of Ayurveda to the timeless and universal truth of energy medicine.

My goal is to empower and help support each of you on your journey towards wholeness and living a life of remembrance as we express our true divine nature in a Joy Full expression of who we really are!

I see Life as Sacred.  As a succulent, Joyous and reverent expression of Divinity.  Living in Truth and in Harmony with all that is and in Balance is our Greatest Wealth.

My curiosity, Love of Healing and
 Self-inquiry, and the practice of Ayurveda have deepened my capacity as a healer and educator.  I am deeply passionate about Living in Harmony and Expressing the Love, Light, and Joy we Are!

I look forward to supporting you on your Journey.

Feel free to contact me at
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or call 828.214.5023
Heather E. Ayers
North Carolina Lic. #13121

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