"Heather's treatments have something extraordinary.  Rarely have I felt so cared for and connected with the Ayurvedic or massage therapist.  Heather's love and commitment to what she does, coupled with her skill and healing energy, make for an extraordinary sublime and powerful healing experience.  I went there frazzled and exhausted and was restored to my centered, peaceful self.  And the results from her treatment persisted.  I treat myself whenever possible to the loving, competent, healing sessions with this gifted woman.  I recommend Heather most highly, and invite you to give yourself a true and lasting treat by placing yourselves in her hands."

                                                                               Ronnie Newman, Director of Research and Health Promotion for the Art of Living

" My experience and treatments with Heather were administered with divine love and nurturance.  The results were profound in their healing abilities.  Heather radiates love and considerable knowledge with her clients and practice.  To discover her and her gifts are so timely for my journey of wellness."                                                                                                                                                               Alesandra Salone Owner Serenity Cove Natural |Healing Center

"I have been having energy work for years; I have never felt anything so tangible."

                                                                                                                                                 Madelin Semper, LMT

"It feels like every cell in my body is smiling."                                                                                         Jennifer Collier

" I am writing to share my incredible experience of the bodywork I have had with Heather.  My first treatment with her was 6-7 years ago in an Ayurvedic Spa in Canada.  I knew from the first moment that her energy was special and my treatment reflected that.  Through the years I have always been amazed by her work which allows for profound relaxation, and that special quiet awareness that we all crave.  Make time in your schedule for Heather...you won't be disappointed``.                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                          Anne Farrow

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