Soul Focused Healing is a precise and scientific system of Energy Medicine. It works with the perfected anatomical design of the energy field through the chakra system and its corresponding organs, glands and systems of the body. Soul Focused Healing is a powerful Ancient Art of Energy Medicine.  It works through the anatomical design in the energy field known as the Bio-electric Field or Subtle Body.  This field around the body consists of the emotional, mental, personality, and spiritual bodies.  When this energy field becomes imbalanced through wounds, stress, trauma, or painful life experiences it resembles a stagnant pond instead of a clear flowing river.  This results in dis-ease of the body, mind, heart or Soul.  

The Bio-electric field consists of twelve vortexes of energy known as Chakras.  The seven Chakra's of the body help regulate physical functions of the body and brain and hold the patterns of the emotional and mental body.  The five Chakra's of the Soul contains the causal level of dis-ease and the potential of a greater expression of intelligent love and wisdom, awakening the gifts and Divine Essence within a human being.

A Soul Focused Healing assists one's energy to flow more freely resulting in deeper levels of health and vitality.  This opens the pathways for deep healing and living a more enlightened Soul-focused life, as well as being a powerful preventive medicine.

 60 minutes


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